about pregifoods

Pregifoods was founded in 2010 to create and introduce a range of products specially formulated to relieve the symptoms of nausea and sickness associated with pregnancy, travel, migraine, chemotherapy and alcohol by harnessing the wonderful properties of ginger in specific proportions which had been determined by studies conducted in the USA and Australia and published in the United Kingdom.

Simply, we set about the task of baking ginger biscuits containing the exact amount of ginger necessary to relieve the symptoms whilst remaining delicious to eat.

Our first product Pregibics Ante Natal Ginger Biscuits was launched shortly afterwards and we are proud to say that Pregibics have helped and are continuing to help countless numbers of expectant mothers through this difficult time. More recently we have introduced Queezibics Travel Sickness Ginger Biscuits which have proved to be tremendously successful and much loved by children.

  • Lovely biscuits, easy to pop into your handbag to nibble at any time you feel you need them.


  • I think I will keep eating these even after I've had my baby!

    Sarah Smith

  • These biscuits are brilliant and really help me. I don't normally like ginger but thought I would try them as all the midwives recommend them.

    Annie, Cambridge