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Almost everyone engaged in the care and wellbeing of expectant mothers mention or recommend ginger/ginger biscuits on their web sites, in baby books and magazines when covering the subject of morning sickness and here are some examples.

NHS CHOICES: “Ginger supplements may help reduce the symptoms of nausea and vomiting in pregnant women. As well as ginger supplements many other ginger products are available including ginger biscuits.”

BBC HEALTH: “ Ginger has been shown to help relieve sickness. It’s safe to use in pregnancy and you can take it in several forms- ginger tea, ginger ale or ginger biscuits.”

NCT: “ of the strategies which women have found helpful with morning sickness, only taking ginger has been shown to be effective in reducing nausea and sickness” –“ so you could try ginger biscuits”

BOOTS: In a video on the subject of morning sickness the presenter says “ I know I had ginger biscuits because I had heard ginger was quite good. I don’t know how much ginger was in them but I enjoyed eating them!” A professor of obstetrics and gynaecology agreed that “lots of people find ginger biscuits very helpful” Just before we introduced Pregibics the Boots web site observed that “ginger biscuits probably don’t contain enough of the spice to prevent nausea and morning sickness”

MIDWIVESONLINE: “some women find that ginger helps try nibbling ginger biscuits”

QUEEN CHARLOTTE’S GUIDE TO PREGNANCY: “ ginger biscuits are meant to be especially effective” 

  • Lovely biscuits, easy to pop into your handbag to nibble at any time you feel you need them.


  • I think I will keep eating these even after I've had my baby!

    Sarah Smith

  • These biscuits are brilliant and really help me. I don't normally like ginger but thought I would try them as all the midwives recommend them.

    Annie, Cambridge