the benefits

There is overwhelming evidence that ginger helps relieve the symptoms of nausea and sickness which is why so many people responsible for the care and wellbeing of expectant mothers mention or recommend ginger/ginger biscuits whenever the subject is discussed on web sites or in printed media.

It is now generally recognised however and largely due to the emergence of Pregibics that ordinary ginger biscuits do not contain nearly enough ginger to be effective which is not surprising because they are not formulated for this purpose.

Pregibics Ante Natal Ginger Biscuits, compared with other remedies, are particularly good because they not only relieve the symptoms but put much needed food into the stomach first thing in the morning when the stomach is empty thus helping to start the eating process it being most important that the stomach is receptive to food so that both mother and baby can absorb and benefit from the vitamins and minerals so essential to them both.

  • Lovely biscuits, easy to pop into your handbag to nibble at any time you feel you need them.


  • I think I will keep eating these even after I've had my baby!

    Sarah Smith

  • These biscuits are brilliant and really help me. I don't normally like ginger but thought I would try them as all the midwives recommend them.

    Annie, Cambridge