morning sickness


Don’t worry you are not alone!

The greater majority of expectant mothers believed to be as many as 8 out of 10 are suffering with you and whilst this may be no consolation, it is quite normal. The good news is that in most cases it should only last for the first twelve weeks or so.

Ginger is a safe and natural remedy

Over the years practically everyone engaged in the care and wellbeing of expectant mothers have recognised that ginger is a safe and natural remedy and consequently have recommended ginger biscuits as an excellent way of taking ginger and putting food into the empty stomach at the same time.

Pregibics come to the rescue!

Unfortunately they haven’t realised that ordinary ginger biscuits on sale in the shops today no longer contain nearly enough ginger to be effective which is where Pregibics have come to the rescue containing more than enough ginger to settle the stomach – and why so many expectant mothers up and down the country have been telling us how much Pregibics have helped them.


* Eat one or two Pregibics before you get up
* Stay in bed for ten minutes or so before getting up
* Rest as much as possible- tiredness can make it worse
* Eat little and often
* Take Pregibics with you when out and about or at work
   just in case you feel the symptoms coming on
* Eat Pregibics at mid-day
* Drink plenty of fluids
* Avoid smells that make you feel worse
* Avoid spicy, fatty and highly flavoured foods
* Have a light, plain snack before bed
* Avoid tight clothing around the waist
* Eat Pregibics in the evening


If you find that you cannot keep anything down, see your GP or Midwife.

  • Lovely biscuits, easy to pop into your handbag to nibble at any time you feel you need them.


  • I think I will keep eating these even after I've had my baby!

    Sarah Smith

  • These biscuits are brilliant and really help me. I don't normally like ginger but thought I would try them as all the midwives recommend them.

    Annie, Cambridge